Online Card Application Form

Welcome to the online Master Rental Agreement for Siemens-employeesHere you can quickly and easily submit your driver data for the creation of a personal driver ID and free Privilege Executive Card directly to Europcar. Please select the right corporate division you´re working for to ensure the right assignment to your entity.

Für die deutsche Version klicken Sie bitte hier.

If you already have an Europcar driver ID and want to change this information, please send us an e-mail with your driver ID and the desired changes.


If your driver ID is unknown, you can retrieve it here.

Access with company data

If you have questions regarding your driver profile, your driver ID or your Privilege-Card please contact us: by Email or telephone +49 40 520 18 8888


For technical questions, please contact the Corporate Online Solutions Team by phone +49 40 520 18 8770 or by Email .